CATCH THE WAVE - and help wipe out cystic fibrosis.

With One Breath is a 501C3 non-profit organization started by parents who are passionate about finding a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF) and providing support to families during hospitalization. We fund CF research to help defeat CF, and assist with lodging, food, parking, and fuel costs so families in the hospital can focus on getting well.  

Specifically, With One Breath's mission is to give hope to the individuals and families battling cystic fibrosis by:

  • Funding science that seeks to treat the disease,
  • Supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease, and
  • Assisting individuals and families during hospital stays due to disease exacerbation

We owe a special thanks to those of you that spent part of 2016 helping us achieve our mission:

Fritz St Patty Party
All good things must come to an end...except friendship. Jim and Angie Fritz, along with their family, friends, and neighbors, raised a record-breaking $3,200 for CF at their final St Patty’s Day party. We deeply appreciate your support, and look forward to spending St Patty’s Day with you at an alternate location for the rest of our lives! 

Our 11th annual With One Breath event was a smashing success in its new location and ended up raising a record-breaking $63,000 to support:

  • the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s cure-finding research program,
  • ground-breaking research at the University of MN, and
  • CF families undergoing hospitalization.

The evening was dedicated to helping 15-year old Emma Willcox defeat CF. Emma spent a total of 120 days in the four walls of an intensive care unit drowning on the inside as she awaited new lungs. On July 26, 2016, after spending 65 long days on the transplant list, the Willcox's received a call that would forever change their lives. In the midst of tragedy, an anonymous family decided to donate their daughter's lungs to save Emma's life.

A team of 20 medical professionals opened Emma’s chest to remove the lungs they called “junk” and left beautiful, pink, CF-free lungs in their place. Within 2 weeks of surgery, Emma had dozens of IVs, 5 chest tubes, a central PICC line, 2 pain blocks, and a port removed, and returned home pain-free.

Recovery from transplant is long and arduous. Emma cannot be left alone or travel more than an hour away from the hospital for 3 months. She spends multiple days each week at doctor visits and will be in therapy for months to improve her lung capacity. While Emma no longer needs airway clearance or vest treatments, she will continue to take pancreatic enzymes (to digest her food), insulin (for CF-related diabetes), and immunosuppressant medications (to suppress her immune system and prevent rejection) for a lifetime. Since Emma’s immune system is “turned off” by immunosuppression, she must also avoid getting sick (EVER!).

Emma stayed “healthy” enough to receive a transplant thanks to the many medications and treatments you have made possible over the years. With the help of Mar Cor Purification, Timron Precision Gear, Mexican Moonshine Tequila,, Roger Clyne, PH, and the many businesses and individuals that continue to support our cause, CF doesn’t stand a chance of winning! Help more people defeat CF—become an organ donor!
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